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Have some modern AU Merthur getting drunk (Merlin more than Arthur apparently!) in the middle of the day,  very probably because of Morgana. c:


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Hi everyone! It’s me again, Mal the beautiful genius. I’m extremely happy that so many people responed to my post about another brolin week and here it is!


Brolin week will be dedicated to Bradley x Colin related fanwork. Each day will have a different theme and people will post their works according to the theme of the day. Everything is accepted! Gifs, graphics, drawings, poetry, fanfiction, fanmixes, fanvideos or anything else that comes to your mind.

One work can relate to more than one theme, you can post as many posts as you want. If you can’t make it on time - don’t worry! The brolin fandom is known for their patience and I’m sure they will appreciate it anyway :)

If you don’t ship brolin romantically or themes below are not for your liking, make anything you like! I don’t want to limit or pressure anyone.

What are the themes?

  • Day One (1.08) - Funniest Brolin Moments
  • Day Two (2.08) - Brolin + Music
  • Day Three (3.08) - Head canons
  • Day Four (4.08) - Brolin + Social Networking Sites
  • Day Five (5.08) - Brolin wedding
  • Day Six (6.08) - Domestic Brolin
  • Day Seven (7.08) - A New Brolin Project (film/tv show AU)

AUs are more than welcome!

If you can’t do fanart, it’s okay. You still can share your feelings with us! Remember it’s all about fun :)


(any questions HERE)

HAVE FUN!!! :)))


see, I really like the idea of an Arthur who falls into the classic Disney princess trope and starts attracting cutesy woodland creatures like nobody’s business

and he doesn’t know how to deal with this

like how do you kill a rabbit that trusts you so much that it sits on your shoulder, or the beautiful stag with its massive dangerous horns that lies down at your feet and stares at you with soulful eyes, or the birds that flock to you whenever you step into the courtyard, or the mice that will do Merlin’s chores for him, or the chickens that lay extra eggs just for you, or the skunk that will spray people at your command

he’s confused. he’s frustrated. he can’t go anywhere without being accosted by furry/feathery cretins, he can’t go hunting, he feels queasy eating sausage—he used to love sausage—he’s started to learn bareback riding because he can tell that his horse doesn’t like the saddle or the stirrups, no matter how much he shoos the birds they won’t stop using his hair as a nest, he can’t hold court like this!

but he does. and then there are children flocking to him in the lower town because they want to pet his rabbit, can I please, Your Majesty Sir King, and he’s supposed to garner more respect than that, he thinks, but the mothers look at him so fondly and the farmers boggle at the garden snake around his throat when they come before him to ask for help and it throws everyone off so much that Arthur starts actually enjoying court instead of trying not to fall asleep in the middle of the latest twenty page grain reserve report, and if he can cajole the stray goat into eating the last five pages no one has to know

and the thing is, they’re just harmless animals, they’re not hurting anyone, Leon, I don’t need my knights to protect me from furry woodland creatures, and no, his reluctance to lift whatever spell this is has got nothing to do with the fact that Merlin loves playing with everything that flocks to Arthur like he’s the only beacon in the dark, and it’s really—heartwarming, and a little addictive—to see Merlin drown in a giant pile of puppies and emerge beaming brighter than the sun

(besides, it’s really useful, being able to just tell his enemies’ horses to go on then, turn around and go home, shoo, and have them obey)

so he just shuts up and eats his salads and eggs and pretends he’s not absolutely thrilled to be riding a bear to battle—even if it makes his horse so jealous she bucks him off for months to come

and if Merlin asks him why he woke up that morning with no less than five little puppies tucked around his pillow, well, he doesn’t know anything about that, either


Some Station Wagon AU for my Week 2 Bonus post for Pthon.

They’re dawdling on the side of the road coming back from a concert because they don’t want to go home quite yet. The car is named Kilgharrah, obvs. It’s crappy and banged up, and the back left window doesn’t roll up all the way (you don’t even have auto windows, Merlin!!), but it was his dad’s and Merlin loves it. 

It breaks down at least twice a year, and Arthur inevitably has to go find Merlin stranded on the side of the road in the pouring rain, but still Merlin insists that he doesn’t want to buy another one. When Kilgharrah eventually dies for real, and no amount of whacking around in the engine can bring him back, Arthur pretends that he doesn’t see Merlin tearing up a bit as it’s loaded up onto the tow truck and taken away to the scrap yard. (“But the back seat was just so good for fucking in; it was so roomy" Merlin sniffles reminiscently)("There there," Arthur says, "We’ll get you a new car that’s just as ridiculous")

And that’s the origin story of Aithusa, the powder blue Prius. Her back seat is decidedly not any good for fumbling around in, but saving the environment is more important, Arthur.
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