talk to me about the fact that the only two times merlin ever bowed to arthur was sarcastically on their first meeting and pridefully on the day of arthur’s coronation. he was a servant never ever bowed when he should have every three seconds and arthur never expected him to

talk to me about the fact that if merlin ever did bow arthur would probably get that concern-hidden-by-fake-mocking look on his face and say in absolute confusion, “what are you doing?”

Anonymous: hi this is a weird question but for your main blog and this blog, do you just have two separate accounts or is one a sideblog to the other? If they're separate, do you mind me asking how you blog? Do you just have two separate browsers open all the time? sorry if this is weird I was just curious because I want to start another blog separate from my main one

This blog is a sideblog to my main. 

I’m kind of sad it’s not a separate account because I wish I could follow people and ask questions from this blog, but alas, tumblr likes to make my life difficult. 

So it depends on your priority. If you want an easy blogging experience, make a sideblog. If you want to have a less smooth time but be able to talk to people, make a separate account. 

Also anon, you wanna talk about being ‘far too attached’ to this show? You wanna talk about being so far in love with a character that it physically pains you?

I bought a thing a few months ago.


I feel you.

Anonymous: There are going to be so many of us flocking to that club to yours to cry. But, really though, it's so bad. Why couldn't we all have got attached to some other TV show. Like DW- They get '50 years of time and space' and we ended up with '5 seasons of pain and a lifetime of agony'.

My main blog is DW, actually, so let me tell you about how that show is not any less painful. My heart still hurts when I think about how my precious baby Eleven is gone.

But yes, all are welcome to the club. We should get t-shirts. 

whimsycatcher said: Ugh! Saaame! Case in point…Whenever I try to draw something “original” I eventually turn it into something Merlin-related, hahaha… I’d rather do fanart than draw something for pay, seriously! xD

My friends and I were talking about what we should be for halloween and the first thing I came up with was Arthur Pendragon, to no one’s surprise. 

I’m going to start a club called “I literally don’t know what to do with myself now that Merlin’s over even though it’s been nearly two years oh god”. Free cookies and juice to everyone that shows up to the first meeting on Friday. 

Anonymous: Honestly just thinking about this stupid show gets me upset and frustrated - I'm far too attached to this show (aren't we all) I mean look I can't even say the name of the show in the ask or else I'm going to break down just thinking about it hurts (but yet, here I am, thinking about it constantly) and uuuuuuuggggggggghhhhhhh. I have no clue why I'm telling you this, but I think you understand what I mean

I totally understand. 

You know how it’s said that guys think about sex once every 18 seconds or whatever? That’s me but with Merlin. 

And I think that’s true for all of us. 

and long after you’re gone

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